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Getting Ahead

Interactive Response Technology (IRT) delivers a wide range of functionality for managing your clinical trial — e.g., subject management, visit management, and drug assignment and accountability, and inventory and shipping management. For Project Managers, the Early Reporting aspect of IRTs enables you to get ahead—and stay ahead — of potential study issues. Getting a jump on problems is what effective project management is all about!

Early Reporting

Using an IRT for your study requires sites to access the study system (either by web or phone) in order to enroll and randomize their patients, to record visits and to obtain drug assignment for scheduled and unscheduled visits, and to receive drug shipments at their site. This means data is available in near real time for project management use.

Unlike EDC data, where there can be a long delay between a visit and the recording of the visit into the clinical database, the fact that IRT information must be entered in a timely fashion in order to conduct the study means Project Managers and CRAs have ready access to missed visits, past due activities, protocol deviations, current patient statuses and summaries of trial activities across subjects and sites (with Veracity Logic’s special Rollup Reports).

User-Friendly Interface

The Veracity Logic IRT also provides a clear, user-friendly interface, for adding, activating, or deactivating sites and users during the course of the study. Finally, inventory management across sites becomes easy with the IRT providing a constant visible status for drug type at each warehouse, depot and site.

Keeping Sites Stocked: Predictive Resupply

Also leverage Veracity Logic IRT to optimize drug supply and reduce product waste. Our system offers Predictive Resupply algorithms that take into consideration the number of active subjects, delivery times, upcoming scheduled activities at a site, inventory minimums (how many days worth of inventory we want at the site), days of inventory to issue a shipment request, and other factors, to determine how much drug each site needs and when. Predictive Resupply is your best option for situations in which drug supply is limited.

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