Leverage IRT Capabilities for Clinical Supply

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IRT systems deliver a wide range of applications for managing patient interactions and drug supplies throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. Serving sponsors, drug suppliers, and clinical sites, IRTs remain your best bet for subject randomization, drug assignment and product inventory management.

Seamless Interface Makes For a Satisfied Client

Veracity Logic works closely with Clinical Supply Teams to ensure a seamless interface with project packaging and delivery strategies. We’ve integrated with supply teams from companies like PCI, Almac, Thermo Fisher and more ... and we easily do the same with any new supplier. Use IRT to simplify the following processes: Inventory Control, JIT Shipping, Return and Destroy Options, Warehouse and Depot Relationships and Temperature Deviation Tracking which are all included in Veracity Logic’s performance capabilities for your project.

Predictive Resupply

Also use the Veracity Logic IRT to optimize drug supply and reduce product waste. Our system offers Predictive Resupply algorithms that take into consideration the number of active subjects, delivery times, upcoming scheduled activities at a site, inventory minimums (how many days worth of inventory we want at the site), days of inventory to issue a shipment request, and other factors, to determine how much drug each site needs and when. Predictive Resupply is your best option for situations in which drug supply is limited.

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