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Our innovative VLIRT® system is a user-friendly, configurable, readily customizable Interactive Response Technology (IRT) platform developed to meet the needs of the clinical trial industry. For more than a decade, Veracity Logic has delivered customized IRT solutions to leading Pharma and Biotech companies internationally, with one of the best up-time records and in-study change rates in the industry. We offer strong functionality in a value-friendly package…with an emphasis on personal service! That’s why our 21CFRPart11-compliant system is the choice of dozens of Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers.

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At Veracity Logic, we’re as proud of our ability to manage the real-life demands of clinical trials as we are of our technology. We’ve built our business on four key principles—and the word is out!


We take a system from URS approval to release to Client Testing in four weeks. And during the trial, you need not wait eons for system modifications. Most changes to a project system can be completed in a matter of days, or complex system requests within two weeks.


Our IRT gets kudos from clients for flexibility, the ability to adapt to special project needs, not only at startup but for mid-course corrections as well. Our ease of configuration and customization surpasses that of many larger IRT providers in the industry.


A successful clinical trial means having vendors on your team who dive in as allies to meet project needs. At Veracity Logic, we are not much on formality, just for rolling up our sleeves and helping clients find better ways to meet their IRT goals.


VLIRT® is highly configurable, modular platform sits on fully validated CORE technology. That gives Sponsors and CROs two important advantages: less need for custom coding, and greater price flexibility, using only those modules required for the project.

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